Zonnique’s Stepmom Says T.I. and Tiny Are Deadbeat Parents [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 25, 2016

It all began with an innocent photo.

But it soon turned into a war of words on Instagram between Tameka Harris and her daughter Zonnique Pullins. The war of words began after T.I. posted the photo below of him posing with Zonnique with the caption: “Mines!!!!”.

It didn’t appear to be a big deal because everyone knows that Zonnique’s is Tip’s stepchild.

Zonnique Pullins

Cheryl Redmonds, who is married to Zonnique’s father, Zebo, felt some type of way. She followed with side-by-side images of T.I. with his biological daughter, Deyjah, and Zonnique with Zebo. She captioned the images, “Enough said.”

TI and Zonnique Pullins

This didn’t sit well with Tiny and a war of words began. Tiny pointed out that T.I. stepped in and raised Niq Niq from the age of five when Zebo was away in prison. Cheryl stung Tiny by claiming that she bought a mansion with her own money but didn’t have any furniture.

Cheryl confirmed T.I. was caught with a prostitute. The Atlanta rapper was allegedly caught by Tiny creeping with a woman by the name of Analicia Chaves, aka Ana Montana. She is a former member of Miami’s infamous prostitution ring, Taz’s Angels. She allegedly travels overseas to offer prostitution services to foreign athletes. Tiny allegedly exchanged words with the escort in the hotel lobby.

Read all the insults between Tiny and Cheryl below. Zonnique also chimes in.

Tameka wrote:

Tameka Harris

Tameka Harris

Tameka Harris

Then Cheryl shot back:

Cheryl Redmonds

Then Tameka clapped back:

Tameka Harris

Zonnique defended her mommy:


Then Cheryl responded to Niq:

Cheryl Redmonds

To which Zonnique replied:

Cheryl Redmonds

Then Cheryl’s family had her back on Facebook:

Cheryl Redmonds

Photos via Instagram


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