Say What: Yung Joc Says Gucci Mane Burned Half the Strippers in Atlanta! [Video]

Peaches GrantOctober 22, 2012

It was just a matter of time before Yung Joc responded to Gucci Mane’s diss.

Gucci Mane debuted the song F— the World during an interview with Power 105 where he takes aim at Young Jeezy, Keyshia Cole and Yung Joc. He said Young Jeezy had no respect for him, Keyshia allegedly slept with Diddy and Young Joc was broke. Since then, Cole denied the rumors and Young Jeezy called Gucci Mane retarded.

Joc posted on Twitter,”@gucci1017 look my n—a you know me and you know i aint never been on no f— sh-t. F— all this publicity s— hit my phone!!! im Atlanta all day!!! You doing a lot my n—a… How and why is you starting s— with n—as that f— with you? We in the same backyard and you taking shots at me! Don’t know where you going with this.. You know how to reach me #TrapGod lol.. I just saw you at Esso and s— was calm as f— #TrapGod.”

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On the song, Gucci raps, “I got all eyes on me like Pac did, but I ain’t tryin’ to go broke like Joc did.”

During an interview with V103, Joc brushed off the diss, saying Gucci is “a master at getting his name in other people’s mouths.” Joc added,”I ain’t trippin’, I know what my financial situation is.”

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Joc then added Gucci Mane has allegedly given half the strippers in Atlanta STDs. He also called Gucci the world’s ugliest rapper.

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Check out the interview below.


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