Young Jeezy Talks About BET Fight With Rick Ross, Says Gucci Mane is Retarded [Video]

Rucuss staffOctober 13, 2012

Rapper Young Jeezy is taking the high road with Rick Ross and Gucci Mane.

The Atlanta rapper doesn’t seem to be fazed by the ongoing feuds with the rappers. Jeezy sat down with Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood and talked about the feuds with both on October 12.

“Me and him (Rick Ross) had never really seen each other face-to-face, for real, for real,” Young Jeezy explained about his allegedly scuffle with Rick Ross at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards. “I just felt like, he spoke, I spoke and that was basically it. But at the end of the day, it’s been going on for a while, so I just felt like if it was going to be handled, it should be handled there.”

When asked if the argument got physical, Jeezy said,”I assure you, I can’t speak for everybody, but ain’t nobody put no hands on me.”

Jeezy said he hasn’t heard Ross’ track Gone to the Moon where he talks about the BET drama. But he adds he doesn’t care because he’s not going to engage in a rap battle with the Miami rapper.

“I’m not into dissin.’ Let’s be clear, I’m into gettin’ my money and whatever wasn’t said or done right there, I have no interest in it,” Jeezy said. “If he wants to put out 30 tracks, tell him go waste his time like that, get me hot. I got an album coming.”

Rick Ross & Young Jeezy Fight at BET Hip Hop Awards, Shots Fired! [Video]

The conversation then switched over to his beef with Gucci Mane.

“Everybody knows that boy retarded, ain’t nobody taking him seriously,” Jeezy said in response to Gucci calling him a “sucka” during an interview with a New York radio station. “He got an ice cream cone on his face. That being said, I’m not going back. I’m going forward. And then it’s crazy because they’ll call you and want you on songs. And then when you don’t get on a song, that’s what happens.”

It didn’t take Gucci Mane long to respond. He shared his thoughts on Twitter. He tweeted:

Check out Jeezy’s video below.


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