Yandy Smith Puts Women On Blast For Direct Messaging Mendeecees [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 11, 2014

Love & Hip Hop New York star Yandy Smith stood by her man while he spent more than a year behind bars.

And now that her fiance Mendeecees Harris is free on a $600,000 bond, Yandy is not letting him go. Mendeecees appears to be fine with it, because he seems to have given the reality star permission to go through his Instagram direct messages.

After Yandy went through his messages, she didn’t like what she saw. Yandy was so heated she screen shotted a few messages from random women and put them on blast on her own account.

Yandy Smith Spends $200K To Bail Mendeecees Harris Out of Jail

Yandy claims those same women comment on her page that they are fans and love her. Check out the post below.

yandy smith instagram dm

Don’t know if putting women on blast will keep them from messaging her boo. We’re guessing Yandy is trying to protect her investment. She put up $200,000 of her own money to help her baby daddy get out of jail.
Photos via Instagram

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