WTF! Look What Lark Voorhies Looks Like Now!!! [Photo/Video]

Rucuss staffMay 11, 2012

Remember Lark Voorhies?

She played the sassy Lisa Turtle on the 1990s NBC sitcom Save By the Bell. Voorhies had plenty of teenage boys dreaming about her at night with her fashionable style and pretty face. But my has things changed. Voorhies, 38, recently did an interview with Yahoo! where she went down memory lane about the show and she looked quite different, eh, odd.

Many couldn’t concentrate on her answers without noticing the botched job the makeup artist did on her face. Her foundation was atrocious. She looked swollen and it appears that she may have some time of skin aliment. Judging from the clip, her knockout good looks have seem to gone bye-bye since her 20s. We don’t know how the interviewer kept a straight face during the chat.

Watch the video for yourself and see if you can figure out if her make-up artist failed her miserably or if something else is going on with Voorhies.


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