WTF! Ke$ha Shaves Half Her Head and Bedazzles It! [Photos]

Rucuss staffMarch 1, 2012

Singer Ke$ha debuted a new hairstyle at the beginning of the year.

Ke$ha shaved off the left side of her blonde locks in January. She tweeted,”New year. New album. New hair. Get pumped.” She apparently took a page out of Cassie Ventura’s book. The Bad Boy songstress was the first to shave off her locks for a punk look.

Ke$ha turned 25 today and she’s decided to take her hairstyle a step further. To own her look she decided to bedazzle her hair. Yea, BEDAZZLE!!! It’s a bit odd, eh, strange. But hey, if you don’t mind gobs of glue on your tresses to achieve the look, than go ahead with your bad self.

Ke$ha posted a photo with a handful of gold studs glued to her shaved scalp. She tweeted the caption,”It’s happening. I look like a homeless clown right now.”


Here’s Ke$ha before she mangled the side of her head.

In the past she’s described her new look as “a cross between Keith Richards and a hobo … a really, ridiculously hot hobo.” We give Ke$ha credit for knowing when she looks like a hobo and a clown. She’s right!

Ke$ha is scheduled to release a new album later this year.


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