WTF! J-Lo’s Boyfriend Casper Smart Breaks It Down, Honeybee Style [Video]

Rucuss staffApril 12, 2012

Okay, it’s already bad enough his name is Casper.

Now, throw in a video where he’s dancing around in a honeybee costume and it’s getting down right ridiculous! Jennifer Lopez’s boy toy Casper Smart is officially in the doghouse for this  one.

Yeah, we get the fact that he may have been a struggling dancer back in 2008 and he needed to take whatever work offered to him. But accepting a job dancing around in a honeybee costume, C’mon!

This video was shot way before Casper was catapulted into the spotlight as J-Lo’s boyfriend. And we’re sure if Lopez had of seen this clip before she began dating Smart she might would have had second thoughts about dating the 25-year old.

Although the video is funny, it does have a serious message behind it (sort of). It was created as a PSA to address a problem in the U.S. with the widespread drop in the population of honeybees.

Casper had the starring role in the PSA. He ends the video doing various hip hop moves before he says: “Yo, WHERE MY BEES AT?”

Smart will never live this one down. Watch him in action below.


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