WTF! Grandma on Bus Asks, ‘B*tch You Wanna Get Your Teeth Knocked Down Your Throat?’ [Video]

Rucuss staffFebruary 8, 2012

If you need a few lessons on how to drop F-bombs than this Philly grandma will teach you the ins and outs really quick.

We’re not sure who was in the wrong but grandma and a younger woman go toe-to-toe on a Philadelphia SEPTA bus. Granny tells the woman where she can shove it without skipping a beat.

Some of her quotes include, “You ain’t got no boyfriend, b-tch,” “Does your boyfriend wipe it for you?,” “Do you see this fist, stupid b-tch!” and “You can’t think for your freakin’ self, jacka*s.”

Prepare yourselves folks, this AARP member can cuss like a sailor. Watch the video below.


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