WTF! Egypt Considering a Law That Allows Husbands To Have Sex With Wife’s Corpse!

Rucuss staffApril 27, 2012

There have been some strange laws that have been proposed around the world, and Egypt just topped the list with its latest controversial one.

Egypt is considering a new law that would allow Egyptian husbands to have sex with their dead wives within six hours after death, Al-Arabiya reports. This brings new meaning to the phrase ‘before the body gets cold!’ Oh, and women are not left out of the equation. Wives can also have sex with their dead husband’s corpse too.

The law could very well be passed by Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament because the issue at hand is whether marriage is still legal after death. Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) has appealed to the parliament not to approve it. Many members of the newly elected parliament have been accused of launching attacks against women’s rights in the country.

Other laws being considered would restrict women’s access to education and employment and lower the minimum marriage age to 14.


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