Wrestler Dies After Dropkick During Match [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 22, 2015

Professional wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. died while taking on former WWE superstar Ray Mysterio in a tag-team match. Aguayo was 35.

According to reports from several people who watched the match, Aguayo took a dropkick to the back from Mysterio, who was setting up his 619 finishing move.

Mike Coughlin of F4WOnline said it is unclear if Aguayo suffered the fatal injury when he first hit the ropes or if he had already been hurt. Aguayo was treated by medical staff in the ring before being transported to the hospital, where he was ultimately pronounced dead. There have been conflicting reports over the actual cause of death.

Aguayo Jr., who is one of the biggest stars in Mexican pro wrestling, was AAA’s top heel performer, as well during CMLL’s last big run in the Mistico era. Mysterio was participating in his first AAA match since leaving the WWE.

Watch raw footage from fight below.


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