World’s First Gold-Plated Lamborghini Debuts in Florida [Photos/Video]

Rucuss staffJune 22, 2012

It’s gaudy, fast and very expensive.

The world’s first gold-plated Lamborghini was unveiled in Miami Beach, Florida and it has a price tag of $550,000. The Lamborghini Aventador AU79 hits 217 mph with a 700-horse power engine despite the weight of the precious metal.

The regular price for the sports car is usually half a million dollars but the extra $50,000 is for the gold and labor. A Lamborghini spokesman said it took a Boca Raton auto body show more than two months to apply the thin layer of gold onto the body. The gold foil reportedly took 70 days to complete at Auto SuperShield in Boca Raton.


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