Woman Who Claims to be Jay-Z’s Sister Interrupts Live News Broadcast [Video]

Rucuss staffDecember 17, 2012

A female reporter was surprised during a live news broadcast when a woman interrupted her and revealed she was looking for her brother.

A lady outside Penn Station interrupted the broadcast on NBC 4 New York and announced she was Jay-Z’s sister. In the clip, the female reporter attempts to update viewers with the status of commuter trains following Superstorm Sandy but fails miserably.

“Hi, I’m Jay-Z’s sister!,” the woman yells with a crazed look on her face back in October. “He was looking for me on the subway! I’m Jay-Z’s sister!”

The female reporter did her best to continue with her report. The newscaster politely informed Beyoncé’s alleged sister-in-law, “Excuse me for a second.” The network then abruptly cut off the audio and went onto the next segment.

Clearly, Jay-Z’s alleged sister is out of her mind, but it’s still funny to watch. Check out the footage below.


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