Prankster Super Glues Woman To Home Depot Toilet [Video]

Rucuss staffDecember 10, 2013

A Georgia woman got the surprise of her life when she entered a bathroom stall at Home Depot.

Emergency workers were called to the store last week to remove the unidentified woman glued to a toilet seat. The stay-at-home mom noticed that she had become stuck to the seat and was unable to move without ripping her skin. It took up to 25 minutes for someone to come to her aid.

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The prankster had covered every toilet seat with Loctite GO2 glue, Commerce News Today reports. The woman had to be taken to a hospital in Gainesville for treatment.

Woman Stuck to Home Depot Toilet After Prankster Puts Glue on Seat

The manager of the store said they later found a brown paper bag with the glue bottle. No suspects have been identified. Watch footage of woman being removed from toilet seat below.


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