Woman Cusses Out Dollar Store Cashier For Being Racist With Poor Customer Service [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 20, 2013

If you’ve ever experienced racism at some level while shopping then you’ll appreciate this video.

Sure, this video is a bit crude, rude and over the top. But sometimes an aggressive voice is needed in order to get the level of respect due. And a woman used her fifth amendment right to do just that while shopping at a Dollar Tree.

It’s unclear what got the woman was so upset, but she made sure she unleashed her fury on the cashier. In a video captured by another shopper, the woman spends close to a minute cursing out a cashier. She screams ‘bitch’ several times before she identifies herself as LACHELLEEEE, BITCH!’ Then she asks the cashier’s name before she tries to set up a meeting after her shift to ‘beat her ass. ‘

Watch the hilarious footage below.


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