Wiz Khalifa Vows To Stop Release of Sex Tape, Deelishis Talks About Relationship

Rucuss staffDecember 5, 2014

Wiz Khalifa had a one-night stand with a Playboy model.

But little did he know, the sexual encounter was not between them. It was all being taped without his knowledge.

On Thursday morning, Khalifa posted photos on Instagram showing him getting intimate with a topless Carla Howe, who appeared in his 2012 movie Mac & Devin Go to High School. The two posed together with Khalifa wearing just boxer briefs and Howe totally topless.

Carla Howe and Wiz Khalifa

But according to Khalifa it was all for the love of art. Khalifa wrote on Instagram, “Ima model. She’s a model. So we called @danfolger and decided to shoot.”

Wiz Khalifa poses with Playboy model 2

According to TMZ, their sexual escapades were recorded, but Wiz had no idea. Now the footage is being shopped around with the hopes of scoring the next big celebrity sex tape.


Wiz Khalifa poses with Playboy Model 7

Khalifa is adamant that he was unaware that he was being taped and if anyone tries to release the video, he is prepared to have his lawyers block it. He’s already deleted his pics, but they remain on Howe’s Instagram account.


Khalifa, who recently divorced Amber Rose, is rumored to be dating Flavor of Love Season 2 winner Deelishis. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Deelishis posted the photo below of the two with the caption: “It’s a Happy Holiday.”

Wiz Khalifa And Deelishis.

In a new interview, Deelishis talks about her relationship with Khalifa. Read a few excerpts from the interview with Bijou of Hot 107.5 below.

“Wiz is a friend of mine,” Deelishis said. “He’s a recent friend of mine. All of the world was talking about — maybe a month or so ago — that he was divorcing or was getting a divorce from Amber Rose. I don’t know exactly who filed but we reported it on our show and after that we became in contact with each other. I was okay with hanging out with him.”

So he contacted you?

We had mutual conversation, let’s put it like that. He was going to be someplace close to me so I obliged. Instantly whenever I’m seen with someone they are automatically considered — not even that it’s my dude, they just jump right to sex. ‘Oh she’s effing this dude.’ I’m sorry, ‘She’s f–king this dude.’ No, I’ve never f–ked Wiz Khalifa. We’ve never had sex.

On if she’s a homewrecker

He’s not married. Number one, he’s divorced and so am I. So you got two single people. I don’t know why they divorced. That’s not my business that’s between he and Amber, and to be honest if they decided to remarry or get back together, whatever the situation, I would totally respect it and be for it as I’ve spoken on my radio show. I’m all for love and happiness, I was a fan of their relationship from the beginning. Somebody like Wiz approaching me, that wasn’t a bad thing. If it’s me, it’s an issue. I don’t know why females have this issue with Deelishis. Had it been anybody else that he decided that he would like to take up a friendship with it would have been okay. But me? I’m looked at as the homewrecker. I haven’t wrecked anyone’s home.

On if they’ll start dating

I don’t know. You never know. He’s a guy. He’s a single guy. Am I attracted to him? I’m attracted to who he is, yes. Is he attracted to who I am? I can believe so. And where’s the harm in that? There’s nothing wrong with Wiz Khalifa liking me or me liking Wiz Khalifa. I did not go into their household and start dating him. This was public knowledge that they had an incident, that they had divorced or someone had filed for divorce and this was ending. So, when I was approached, I was under the same impression that the world was under. They were done. And I’m not trying to even be that ‘one’ or whatever, but don’t be upset if you see me with him. Don’t be upset if you see us out or you hear of us having a liking for each other. There’s nothing wrong with that. This has nothing to do with sex. I don’t know where it says that, but from what I take, his head hasn’t even been on sex and we haven’t discussed anything like that.

Sometimes when people go through stuff, I may be the glue that brings them back together. Sometimes you need that person in your life that gives you a little enough peace to where you see things clearly.[…]I don’t know him well enough to know if I want to see myself with him. I like him as a friend. Would I like to see him back with Amber? They have a child together. If that worked out, I think that’s beautiful. As long as he’s happy and she’s happy — I don’t know why they fell out or whatever — as long as that issue is resolved, I’m all for it.

On if Amber Rose would approve

I don’t think she’s happy.[…]At the start of any divorce, it doesn’t matter your reason for divorcing, in most cases you’re still a little sensitive once you see your ex-mate with someone. So I can imagine Amber isn’t the happiest person. But I’m not the demise of your relationship. I’m not even that individual. I would never give her problems or become an ‘Amber Rose hater’ or dislike her because of this situation. I don’t know her and I don’t have a reason to dislike her. She’s a beautiful woman and always presets herself with class and a bright personality. I’ve been a fan of hers so I don’t want to hurt her with this. I don’t want to hurt anybody.

Watch Deelishis interview below.


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