Wiz Khalifa Sues Label And Former Manager For $1 Million

Rucuss staffJune 2, 2016

Wiz Khalifa believes his former label and manager did a few shading things at his expense.

Now the Taylor Gang rapper has filed a lawsuit against Rostrum Records and Benjy Grinberg. Khalifa claims that due to a 360 deal the label profited from “virtually every aspect of plaintiff’s professional life” for about 10 years, Billboard reports. Khalifa also claims that the company went into a “series of other transactions, all in further violation of the rule against self dealing.”

Khalifa said the label’s founder Grinberg and his company Rostrum’s arrangement lasted from an oral agreement in 2004 through a signing in 2005. It ended in March 11, 2014 when Khalifa cut them out as his managers. During that time, the rapper claims that the label made deals with Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic Records for his material, while “intentionally conceal[ing] material information… in order to profit at his expense.”

Khalifa is seeking more than $1 million in damages.

Grinberg told Billboard that he was “disappointed and surprised” by this lawsuit.

“To witness an artist turn on you after supporting them for a number of years is very disheartening,” Grinberg said. “This is an egregious lawsuit filled with inaccuracies, yet unfortunately people sometimes resort to these practices as a way of conducting business.”


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