Winter Ramos on Slim Thug: ‘He Was Thugged Out in the Bedroom!’ [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 2, 2013

Love & Hip Hop star Winter Ramos’ new tell-all book, Game Over: My Love For Hip-Hopgoes on sale today.

And if the latest excerpt is any indication of what’s to expect, the book should be a juicy one. In the latest tease from the book, Winter recalls the night she slept with rapper Slim Thug.

Winter claims Slim Thuga likes it rough. Winter wrote:

“Slim Thug came to the hotel and took us to the club. I orchestrated all of that. Crafty, if I may say so myself. He was just my type: fresh braids and thugged out. I had no intention of starting a relationship with him. I just wanted a little time alone while in Houston. At the club all the homies around Fab who were on tour with us kept saying “Winter Dog, you can’t get him, that’s Slim Thug.”

None of them saw me as a real woman with a real life or needs. They saw me as one of the fellas. It was all fun and games until Slim Thug and me started flirting in the club. Knowing Fab would say something irked me but I wasn’t about to let that hold me back. Eventually we all went back to our hotel, only I didn’t go to sleep.

The knock came soon on the room’s door. It was Slim Thug. That night started and ended quickly. The three hours we shared together were well worth it. The name Thug fit him perfectly since he was thugged out in the bedroom. He liked it rough and so did I. “

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Slim Thug said Winter allegations are not true. When one of his Twitter followers asked about it, he responded:

Slim Thug tweet

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Game Over: My Love For Hip-Hop is available in stores and on Amazon.


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