Willow Smith Shows Off Tongue Ring, Upsets Fans [Photos]

Rucuss staffJune 25, 2012

Will and Jada Smith have upset parents again.

Will and Jada’s 11-year old daughter Willow posted a photo of herself and a friend on Instagram, showing off their new piercings. Willow opens her mouth wide to show a metal tongue ring. The photo has caused plenty of negative comments. Willow, later, said the tongue ring was fake.

According to California state law, Willow would have needed her parent’s consent to get the piercing. Will Smith said in an interview that he gives his daughter freedom when it comes to fashion because he wants her to “have command over her body.”

The jury is out whether the tongue ring is fake or not because of her past behavior. Willow has posted photos in the past that have gained negative attention. Parents were up in arms when she posed by a stripper pole in a Las Vegas strip club at age 10.

A few months later she shaved off her hair. Willow, who claims she cut her hair to support an ill friend, then began coloring her mane loud colors.


Many people began questioning whether Willow was on a downward spiral to destruction. The 11-year old has traveled the world and recorded a hit song so maybe she’s just expressing herself.

There’s no need to worry, eh, we hope!


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