Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Alfonso Ribeiro Have Fresh Prince Reunion Performance on The Graham Norton Show

Rucuss staffMay 26, 2013

Will Smith and some of his The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air costars surprised the audience of The Graham Norton Show on Friday with a performance of the theme song.

Smith was in London to see his eldest son Trey DJ at a club. DJ Jazzy Jeff, Alfonso Ribeiro and his youngest son, Jaden was all there. Smith and his son Jaden appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday to promote their upcoming sci-fi movie After Earth.

Smith, Jazzy Jeff, Ribeiro and Jaden performed the theme song while Norton’s guests Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham danced along. Ribeiro made sure he did the ‘Carlton Banks’ dance to his personal favorite track, It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones. They ended the performance with the ‘Jump On It’ dance, which was originally performed by Will and Carlton at a local talent show.

Check out the hilarious video below:



Photos via Entertainment.ie


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