Wife Of ‘Next’ Group Member Files Restraining Order Against Him

Rucuss staffMarch 31, 2014

Next group member Raphael “Tweet” Brown’s estranged wife claims he’s been abusive towards her and their children.

Juliette Gil-Brown filed a restraining order against him, after he allegedly kicked her while she was pregnant and brutalized their 4-year-old daughter. TMZ obtained the restraining order which claims on multiple occasions the singer was physically abusive to her.

Tweet is accused on multiple occasions of hitting and shoving her, grabbing her by the neck, punching her in the mouth and kicking her. Brown claims many of the incidents occurred while she was pregnant.


Brown also claims the singer became enraged at their daughter after she refused to kiss him on the mouth. The singer allegedly yelled at the child before throwing her into her car seat. She claims he randomly yelled about not having herpes, although no one had accused him of being infected at the time.

Juliette also claims Brown would even watch porn on his computer with their three kids in the room. Next was popular for their singles “Too Close” and “Wifey” in the 1990’s.

Photos via versedonline.com and Instagram


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