Whitney Houston and X-Factor’s Stacy Francis Almost Come to Blows Over Ray J! [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 11, 2012

Whitney Houston doesn’t want anyone to mess with her man.

Houston almost came to blows with X Factor finalist Stacy Francis because Ray- J was talking to her at Kelly Price’s Grammy party. Hollywoodreporter.com reports the two were reintroduced in the VIP section after Stacy performed her tribute to Etta James.

Houston, who met Stacy during a concert in 1999, didn’t remember her. But she remained cordial and spoke. Things quickly took a turn for the worse when Ray J held a conversation with Stacy. Apparently, the two met a few years ago.

“Whitney just got belligerent,” a source told The Hollywood Reporter.Ray was trying to defend Stacy, telling Whitney, ‘Stacy’s family!’, but Whitney was feeling crowded out and hands were raised.”

Whitney and Stacy didn’t come to blows but they came close. The source adds, “You didn’t know which way it could go there for a minute.”

Stacy confirmed the cat fight on Twitter. She even tweeted to a follower “f**k u dumb b****. U and whitney.” The tweet was deleted minutes later. Check out her tweets below:

The same night as the alleged incident, paparazzi caught Whitney leaving a club cut up and bloody.

Stacy didn’t lay a hand on her so maybe Whitney got crunk with her dam self.


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