What Your Drinking Habits Says About You?

Peaches GrantDecember 18, 2012

The alcoholic drink you order tells people a great deal about your personality.

Just like the clothes and hair styles you wear, you must choose a drink that suits your lifestyle. If you didn’t know, cocktails send a message of what type of person you are. Betterhealth blog put together a list of drinks and explained what each one says about the drinker.

Check out the list below.


Your gateway to the world of a secret agent. Now, until and unless you really are one, or are capable of pulling off the ‘Bond look’; this drink is your desperate cry for others attention.


This is a classic virgin drink. Not to be confused with the Cosmopolitan, this drink is nothing more than a sign of you never having an intimate relationship.

Long Island Iced Tea

The mysterious mixture of gin, rum, vodka and tequila. Now, you are either a cast member of the Sex and the City or someone with a serious alcoholic problem.

Rum ‘n’ Coke

You live under your parents’ roof, steal their money and dismiss them quite efficiently. But wait a minute, you are a teenager aren’t you? You like to get wasted but the real stuff is too heavy for your pockets – Rum ‘n’ Coke it is then.


So you don’t like what’s available locally, big deal. Oh you have been to the Caribbean, wow! Life must be great sunbathing on the beach and smelling the fresh air of the ocean. Wait; is that “spray on” tan? Quit the foreign stuff and get a real drink.


Your temporary solution for your permanent problems. Drown yourself in this vile drink if you feel you have had a long day, for the night is still young. Warning: excess consumption may result in loss of dignity!


If you are a male, you are nothing more than a couch potato. If you are a female; well dear, who are you trying to impress! There are better ways to look more mature than by making burp sounds. For now, work with champagne.


This is definitely a ladies drink. Everything about you shows elegance and you feel superior over others. Those with other kinds of drinks know nothing about class. Sophistication and intelligence are also amongst your traits.

Gin and Tonic

The drink with British origins. If you happen to drink this at a bar, as opposed to a pub, it is likely for people to think of you as being uninteresting. This unstylish drink can save you on a hot day, but not on a dull one. Consumption of large quantities can also render you emotionless.

Scotch Neat

The neat drink for your not-so neat life. Though you may seem like a classy, mature person; gulping this drink down your throat makes your midlife crisis much more evident.

Photos via Mens Health and Cracked.com


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