What Were They Thinking! The Top 8 Craziest Billboards

Rucuss staffApril 20, 2012

Billboards are a way to get drivers’ attention.

Products consider them as simple ways of reaching their target audience. In cities across the world, billboards have become bigger, more bolder and dashing. And sometimes distracting. A few take advertising to a whole other level. They use it as a way to air out their dirty laundry or expose someone.

We’ve combed the internet and come up with the top eight craziest signs. Take a look below.

The Craziest Billboards Ever

This woman is apparently rich. Yes, she speaks for many women in the world dealing with their boyfriends/husbands who don’t put the dam toilet seat down. But are you really that annoyed to spend over a $1,000 on a sign. But hey, whatever works to get your point across.

The Craziest Billboards Ever

Emily decided to get revenge on her cheating husband. So what better way to do so than a billboard for the entire world to see. The ‘Poorly-endowed slime ball’ comment was classic!

The Craziest Billboards Ever

We’re pretty sure the mother who decided to abort her unborn child felt like crap after seeing this billboard. Hey Greg Fultz, how about talking it over with the woman in private, geez! The mother of the child eventually sued Fultz because of this sign.

The Craziest Billboards Ever

This billboard doesn’t look to be crazy at first glance. But there is one big problem with it. YaVaughnie Wilkins is not Charles Phillips wife! She was his mistress at the time. She wanted to take the wife’s place so what better way to let the world know then to buy a billboard in Times Square. Oh, and that website features photos from their eight year affair. Yeah, EIGHT YEARS!

The Craziest Billboards Ever

Nabeel Khokhar Bhai of Pakistan wanted to apologize to his future wife so what better way to do it than rent a billboard sign. He calls himself a “poorly-endowed slimeball.” That phrase sounds familar doesn’t it? It was also used on Emily’s billboard to cheater Steven. Either Emily copied Nabeel, or these billboards are part of the same conspiracy.

The Craziest Billboards Ever

Pasha Stocking spent $7,000 to rent this billboard on a Connecticut highway (I-95). Was it a smart move, we think not. If she was unemployed at the time, she probably should have saved that $7,000 for a raining day. The billboard didn’t result in a job but she did start a PR firm specializing in billboards.

Millionaires around the world probably got a good laugh after reading this sign. I mean what an incentive. You get $500 in Taco Bell coupons if  you buy a million dollar mansion. We’re guessing this advertising company wasn’t used in the next marketing campaign.

Wow! What an attention grabber. We’re sure a few have visited the lone star state after looking at this billboard.


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