What! Did Trina Braxton’s Husband Gabe Have Internet Sex With a Transgender Woman? [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 14, 2012

Gabe. Gabe. GABE!

It’s been well documented on ‘Braxton Family Values’ that there are major problems in Trina Braxton and Gabe Solis’ marriage. Both have admitted to infidelities with Gabe doing much more dirt than Trina through their seven-year marriage.

The couple’s vows went downhill years ago when Gabe admitted that some of his cheating had been on social networking sites. He allegedly frequented sites and became involved with women online. Last month, a woman claimed Gabe allegedly had internet sex with her and he also told secrets about the Braxton family. She even posted a video of Gabe online for proof.

Trina Braxton’s Husband Gabe Tells Braxtons’ Secrets & Shows Privates Online

Now, pictures have surfaced of a transgender woman by the name of Julisa Abadshian and Gabe via Oovoo. Julisa is the same man  ‘woman’ who claimed he and Russell Simmons son JoJo had something going on. A reader of BallerAlert sent in photos of the two:

With these new allegations, Gabe is ready to tell his side of the story. In a press release Gabe said:

“OK, First off I want to apologize  from the bottom on my heart to my Wife Trina who deserves NONE OF THIS. I have done many things that I am not proud of that I’m sure will all unfold in the coming weeks on the show, on the blogs, the newspapers and any other way it can unfold. I canNOT undo the past. However, I am NOT  into Trannies!!!! I am very heterosexual. I have no clue who the ladydude woman posted on theybf.com site is and I have never spoken to  her/him/ or whatever they are claiming.

Yes, I know I will be the target of many gossip bloggers because of my past record. Like I said, I have  NEVER Resorted to same sex affairs or any physical affairs. I know that cheating is cheating and I am in no way making excuses. I am currently  in therapy because I have a “SEX Addiction Problem. I very much want the help that it will take to restore my family. Please Bloggers do not  resort to LIES! I have made my bed and now I lay in it alone everyday.”

Gabe Solis


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