Was Lil Wayne Involved in NFL player Dez Bryant’s Altercation?

Rucuss staffJanuary 18, 2012

Rapper Lil Wayne may be several inches shorter than Cowboy receiver Dez Bryant.

Weezy is more than 40 pounds underweight too. But that didn’t stop the rapper from allegedly getting into an altercation with Bryant at LIV nightclub in Miami over the weekend.

It was originally reported that Bryant was involved in a scuffle with a “famous rapper,” but Miami Herald reporter David Smiley said a source told him that the “famous rapper” was in fact Lil Wayne. Here’s his tweet:

The Dallas Morning News reports that Bryant was taunted about his unimpressive performance this season along with his financial and legal issues. A fight broke out from there. A patron is said to have started hurling insults at Bryant.

Lil Wayne has not made a statement about the incident. But Bryant’s mentor, David Wells, said that the Cowboys receiver had not been arrested.


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