Wendy Williams Says Kirk Frost and Rasheeda Created Drama for Love & Hip Hop [Video]

Rucuss staffJuly 9, 2013

Talk show host Wendy Williams admits she watches Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but reveals she’s not buying the storylines.

During a segment of ‘Hot Topics,’ Williams voiced her opinion about the show. Even though she watches it, she claims she’s embarrassed to be black because of it.

“The show makes me embarrassed to be black,” Williams said during Monday’s show. “I’m not the only one right? Right.  Let me just say this, that everyone else that watches the show that is not  black, this does not represent all of us. You all have your embarrassing people too.”

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But she didn’t stop there. Williams believes the marital problems between Kirk Frost and Rasheeda is scripted for the show. She believes the estranged couple made up Kirk’s cheating drama to become popular on the show.

“First of all Rasheeda, you and Kirk are ratchet for drumming up this story line, right here,” Williams told the audience. “Okay? Cuz you know what you’re doing, cuz Stevie and my Puerto Rican princess, Joseline, were the popular couple. And you and your husband, or whatever you wanna call that animal, you all did this as a plot to get popular on that show.”
Williams added, “It’s a shame what ppl will do to stay on this reality tv. This is worse than the Kardashians. This is got to be the most ratchet [of] all reality shows on TV. It is disgusting but I can not stop watching. Let me just say this. None of  you’ll call, I don’t want you to come on the show. It’s just that I do watch, but you’re not suitable guest(s) for the show, except for you my puerto rican  princess Joseline, but I can’t really understand what she says so we’ll do the closed captioning.”

Watch Williams talk about the drama below.


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