Wendy Williams Gives Reasons Why Beyonce May Be Faking Her Pregnancy

Rucuss staffOctober 13, 2011

Talk show host Wendy Williams added fuel to fire this morning about Beyonce’s pregnancy.

Many have speculated that Beyonce is not pregnant after her ‘baby bump’ folded or collapsed when she sat down for an interview with Australian show “Sunday Night HD” last week. Many conspiracy theorists have come up with some outlandish theories and now Williams has decided to put her two cents in on the matter.

Williams did a segment on her show called “Beyoncé, Pregnancé, Conspiracé.” In the segment, she analyzes photos of Beyonce, reviewed the controversial tape of her folding baby bump, and even brought out two of her staff that were pregnant to do a chair test to see if their ‘baby bump’ would fold or collapse.

“Now being a woman, I had my baby bump,” Williams said. “Many of you have had baby bumps. I never remember [squatting]. Just take a look at the video. She’s either giving birth to a frisbee, or Stewie from family guy. What is that, B? I was on bed rest the whole time, I’m not exactly sure. But I can tell you, when I would get out of the bed and sit up at a kitchen table. I wouldn’t be able to sit like that. Like, I was so concerned about my back and the baby. Even at 5 months I sat like [stands up and leans back into the chair] this.

She goes on to say that even though there is a photo of Beyonce in a bikini with a ‘baby bump,’ it she could have easily got the large belly from eating one burrito too many or with a good make up job.

Here is Wendy Williams’ five reasons why Beyonce could be faking her pregnancy:

1) The baby is helping Beyonce’s sagging recording career. It is sagging. I mean the statistics show, but you forget all about that because you’re so  focused on, ‘Oh, Beyonce’s pregnant!’

2) Beyonce’s pregnancy is a way of keeping Jay-Z’s alleged mistress away. This is what I love about this show. You can’t see everything that I can see,  but people are snapping their necks in nod-ation. How ’bout this one…

3) The alleged woman over in allegedly Trinidad with the alleged 10-year-old alleged son allegedly by Jay-Z, Beyonce’s trying to keep up with  her. Allegedly. And how ’bout this…

4) This is the most disgusting one. eyonce’s going to use a surrogate so  she can maintain her body. I don’t believe that one.

5) Well, here’s one that’s even more disgusting than that. They’re adopting, but they’re going to play it off like they gave birth.

Wendy goes on to say, “You remember I was the first one to say this: it’s going to be an at home, water birth in the master bathroom, there are gonna be three people there: Beyonce, Jay-Z, and their mother Miss Tina. Watch. There will be none of those nurses. There won’t any of those witnesses at the nurses station or anything  like that. Beyonce, c’mon you’re not like that are you? *heavy sigh* You know how some of these celebrities can be though. Anything for attention. Anything for attention.”

Check out the video from the Wendy Williams Show.

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