Webbie Says He Wants To Beat Terrence J Up!

Rucuss staffOctober 24, 2011

Webbie continues to upset the folks over at BET.

Weeks after the rapper was kicked off BET’s 106 & Park, Webbie has set is sights on host Terrence J. The incident happened during a taping of the show. Webbie, who was judging a Friday Freestyle contest, was tossed during a commercial break following a “secret” incident.

No one knew what happened during taping. Terrence J appeared after the break and made the announcement that Webbie was banned from the show. Rocsi then tweeted:

“Ladies I don’t care who he is never let a man think he can just disrespect  you and talk any way he wants…”

Webbie must have said something to Rocsi or another BET staff member that didn’t quite go over well. Now, it seems Webbie has got his thoughts together and is ready to talk about the incident. In video that was released over the weekend, the rapper goes on a rant about being mad for getting kicked off the show and takes his frustrations out on Terrence J.

Webbie said:

“I am BET. I am Black Entertainment. I’m slapping the f*ck out of Terrence when I see him. He wanted that girl and the girl wanted me. I’m beating him up. You want to act like a gangster on TV? I’m beating that b**ch  up.”

We wonder what Terrence J has to say about this? Check out the video below.

Here’s the video from 106 & Park.

(Video courtesy of Real Talk New York)

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