Vivica Fox Says She’s Done Dating Men Under 30 [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 7, 2013

Vivica Fox loves a six-pack and a smile.

But the Two Can Play That Game star understands that good abs and nice teeth doesn’t mean a good fit for a relationship. Fox learned that lesson the hard way. She admits some of the men she’s selected in the past was the wrong choice. And now, she’s putting the physical attributes to the side and picking a man who is more old-fashioned.

Vivica A. Fox Talks About Failed Engagement, Says She Fell For a Six-Pack and A Smile

“I used to be so lustful,” Fox told BET. “I would lose my mind over a six-pack and a smile, it would get me every time and usually get me in trouble. Pretty eyes, pretty teeth? Forget about it! But, I think now I’m looking for a good partner, just a good man, whereas before it would be mostly physical.”

Fox, 49, explains she wants a companion and not just eye candy on her arm.

“Now, I need a man who’s a gentleman, more old-fashioned,” Fox said. “Someone who I could laugh with and have fun with. I’m trying to date above 30 now. Thirty to 35 is the window. Not saying I won’t make an exception if someone special comes along, though!”

Meanwhile, Fox is having a difficult time adjusting to life without her former fiancé Omar “Slim” White. In an appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show on Monday, Fox broke down and cried when explaining that she wanted a baby with the nightclub promoter.

Slim posted the link to the interview and told his social media followers, “People dont know that we spoke a few months ago and it was all love… She just didn’t answer those questions right this morning lol she know what she doing.”

Watch the interview below.

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