Violent Brawl Breaks Out at Opening of Stevie J and Benzino’s Bar [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 6, 2014

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Stevie J and Benzino have joined forces to open their own restaurant.

The grand opening of Sleazy and Zino’s Bistro and Bar was on Wednesday night and there were plenty of fireworks throughout the evening. While the VH1 cameras rolled, and epic fight took place between a few cast members.

Benzino & Stevie J Open Up ‘Sleazy & Zino’s Restaurant

And Benzino’s girlfriend is all to blame. Benzino’s girlfriend Althea, whose nickname is Thi Thi, allegedly had a fight with Karlie Redd and had a shouting match with Shay Johnson.


Funky Dineva reports:

First they say a screaming match broke out between Benzino’s new girlfriend and Shay Johnson & Tierra Marrie [we think]. Where there is Shay, there is Momma Dee. Lawd they say Shay & Tierra Marrie [we think] were trying to get in Benzino’s Girlfriend’s a$$ and Momma Dee had to hold them back.

Later on as the evening progressed, Karlie Redd & Erica were seen chatting it up in the corner. Some time later Benzino made his way over to Karlie and a small argument broke out. Then they say Benzino’s girlfriend made her way over to Karlie and the static began once again. Somehow or another, Benzino’s girlfriend ended up throwing a glass of champagne in Karlie’s face, but when she did, the cup hit Erica. At that point, Erica jumps up and is trying to get her a piece of the action too. Bae Bae they say Benzino’s girlfriend ran to the bar, grab a bottle of Liquor, and slung it all the way across the room. Chile they say liquor was everywhere.

Scrappy allegedly found the bartender that gave Benzino’s girlfriend the bottle and began to beat him up. A huge fight ensued at that point. Once security got the crowd under control, Benzino cussed Karlie out and kicked her out of the party.

VH1 cameras ended filming at that point. Guess producers got the footage they needed. After the event, Benzino called out Karlie Redd on Instagram. Zino tweeted, “Since @iamkarlieredd wanted to come to MY event to question MY love for MY QUEEN, id thought I clear things up.”

Benzino followed that with “What brawl? Dont believe the hype, OUR EVENT WAS AMAZING!!!” Sidenote:Benzino tattooed his girlfriend’s name on his arm.

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Check out a few more photos from the grand opening below.

 photo IMG_1825-copy.png

IMG_2370 (copy)

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Watch footage of the brawl below.

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