Video Of Ray J and Fabolous’ Altercation Released, 50 Cent Tells His Side

Rucuss staffSeptember 21, 2011

Video footage of the actual confrontation between Ray J and Fabolous has surfaced.

It’s hard to really see what’s going onin the video, but you do get a good glimpse at 50 Cent (white hat) standing on the side smiling while Ray J (red hoodie) does his best to confront Fabolous, which is off-screen, about comments he made on Twitter. The incident took place before Fabolous was set to take the stage at The Palms Casino.

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In the video obtained by TMZ, it looks as though 50 may have helped instigate the confrontation between Ray J and Fabolous.

50 cent called into Funkmaster Flex and gave his side of the story. And 50’s story matches up with Fabolous’ recount of events.

“If he would have got punched in the face, Flex, Fab wouldn’t have went onstage with no glasses,” 50 said. “About whether Fabolous was punched or not, 50 responds, “Nah he didn’t. If he got punched in the face it ain’t enough to call it a fight…Ray J did swing at home but it didn’t connect.”

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Here’s audio from the interview with Funkmaster Flex.


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