Video: Miguel Performs ‘P*ssy Is Mine’ Live

Rucuss staffOctober 24, 2012

Miguel went live and uncensored with a performance of his explicit Kaleidoscope Dream cut “Pussy Is Mine.

Miguel released a black and white concert clip of his performance. The Adorn singer, who is accompanied by a guitarist onstage, sang his lyrics that describes his desires that he’s the only one getting a girl’s cookies. He even makes a few crotch grabs to keep the packed audience’s attention.

An excerpt of his lyrics are:

So lie to me lie to me lie to me so sweet cause I don’t ever want to imagine all the other ni—s like me,  ever had a chance to get in your pants so tell me that, that p—sy  is mine, yeah tell me tell me baby that its all mine tell me that that p—sy is mine ooh cause I don’t wanna believe that anyone is just like me”

Watch the performance below.


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