Valentine’s Day Alert: Top 7 Gifts Cheaters Give

Rucuss staffFebruary 9, 2012

Cheaters are sneaky bastards.

It’s every person’s worst relationship fear. But could it be happening to you? Aside from finding a mysterious condom in his pocket or her purse or a phone number on a napkin, there are other hints that likely reveal your significant other is cheating. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner we wanted you to peep game on whether your partner is buying a gift for someone else. put together a list of seven popular gifts male and female cheaters exchange on Valentine’s Day. Take a look below:

7. One rose.

Aw, hell naw alert: No one, except the street vendor and your friendly 24-hour gas station, sells just one rose. Where are the other 11 long-stem roses, boo?  Perhaps they were given to someone else.

Before you snap: Make certain the other 11 roses are not strewn across the bed, or placed in other key places around the house/hotel suite, which is quite romantic.

6. An old card.

Aw, hell naw alert: Is your Valentine’s Day card actually a birthday card? Is the card aged with bent corners, and stuffed in a mix-matched envelope?  If you look closely, can you see that someone else’s name has been rubbed out? Geez, just return to sender.

Before you snap: Make certain there isn’t any money in that card before you return it.

5. Your promised Valentine’s Day Dinner is actually an IHOP 3 a.m. breakfast.

Aw, hell naw alert: Somehow, some way, you were overlooked during the entire Feb. 14 celebration and forced to dine during the graveyard shift.

Before you snap: Did she have a babysitter? Did she work late? Was there an emergency that derailed her plans to be with you? Make certain you’re not throwing out the baby with the bath water.

4. Last minute change — your Valentine’s Day date is spent in a different town, booked under “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

Aw, hell naw alert: Your mate cannot be seen with you around his own neck of the woods because there’s already a spouse, family or a serious relationship going on there.

Before you snap: Is the last minute trip a hook-up that saved money? Was it a “surprise” meant to sweep you off your feet? Check it out before you act out.

3. You receive a virtual gift and rain check because, out of the blue, the boss demands that he works late.

Aw, hell naw alert: You know your mate better than anybody. Ask yourself, has the boss ever asked him to work late? Does he have the kind of job that would demand his specific skill set?  Hmmm.

Before you snap:  Strange as it may seem, some bosses have Valentines in their lives, too, and maybe someone did ask the boss out, and in turn, your mate must pick up the extra slack. Perhaps your mate deserves the benefit of the doubt.

2. You discover duplicate purchases.

Aw, hell naw alert: Many cheats buy the same gift for several different lovers.

Before you snap: There’s no excuse for this one, if you don’t receive both gifts, go on and snap.

1. It’s Valentine’s Day and your mate shows up empty-handed.

Aw, hell naw alert: Who did Ms. Stingy spend the loot on?  A single rose, recycled birthday card, and a 3 a.m. “dinner” at IHOP is much better than nothing. Showing up empty-handed is just terrible.

Before you snap: If your mate has never opened her spider-webbed purse for you, just keep it moving. Or, if your mate refuses to “bow down and participate in a commercialized, man-made holiday” to show you some love, HOWEVER, she makes you feel special every other day of the year — you must respect that.

Real love will always trump a symbolic gift.


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