V. Stiviano Hints That She Has A Kid With Donald Sterling [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 4, 2014

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling may have a love child.

Well, that’s what his alleged side chick V. Stiviano is implying on her Instagram account. Stiviano announced she had a four-year old daughter, Madison. She posted the photo below of the little girl and implied that Sterling is the baby’s father.

Stiviano also wrote the caption: “Let the games began” in all caps. If those words look familiar, it’s because she used the exact same phrase before she went after Sterling the first time with the racist comments.

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Sterling is seen attending an event with V. Stiviano in 2012 as it is reported she allegedly tried to extort him over racist recordings

Read Stiviano’s comments below:

“Didn’t really wanted to do this but you left me no choice. It’s been four years since we met; so she says. Madison is going to be four soon. I think we should celebrated it, at a big event. Perhaps opening night of the #laclippers game or we can decide and wait till NEW YEARS to bring in 2015 with incredible news. I was thinking more in the sense of dropping hints until they- they (meaning the people of the “UNITED NATIONS” ) get it. And when they do get the message, via #Instagram.

They’re all going to know your the father and I’m the mother. There would be no reason for a paternity test; because we already have one. Then now – meaning NOW, we would all be in trouble. Wouldn’t we? LET THE GAMES BEGAN!!! Can anyone guest who’s the father of my beautiful daughter Madison V Stiviano ? #VSTIVIANO #MADISONVSTIVIANO.”

V Stiviano kid Instagram
Some suggest she’s referring to Sterling, while others believe a Clippers player is the father. But if the child is for Sterling, it explains why he bought her a home and multiple cars.

Photos via Instagram and Patdollard.com


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