Uh Oh! Lil Kim Outed, Man Claims He’s Queen Bee’s Ghostwriter [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 25, 2012

Charli Baltimore took a major dig at Lil Kim during an interview last week.

Baltimore sat down with Shade 45 radio and shared that she wrote all her rhymes. She then threw Kim under the bus and said Queen Bee didn’t write her songs. It’s not clear why she brought up Kim in the interview. These two have had a dislike for each other for a long time. Both dated the late rapper Biggie during the 1990s.

Many took Baltimore’s claims with a grain of salt until Lil Kim’s alleged ghostwriter Antonio Walker came forward. Walker posted pictures of an alleged contract he has with Queen Bee Entertainment. He claims he wrote a few of Kim’s biggest hits.

Walker decided to come forward with his side of the story after not getting paid for his contributions. Check out a few photos of Walker’s alleged contract below.


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