Tyrese Says He Won’t Apologize to Radio Station

Johnnie WaltersOctober 3, 2011


Tyrese is not backing down.

Just days after the singer was kicked out of a radio station, he’s ready to give his side of the story and he has some harsh words for the owner of Delaware’s 101.7. Global Grind caught up with Tyress at the BET Hip Hop awards and he shared his feelings about the incident.

“I think there’s a reason why a lot of artists don’t speak on these things. Radio is very powerful and us as artists, our careers could literally get killed  without the support from radio.

This dude kicked me out of the radio station and then he banned my music a couple of days later, and that’s his position. He’s saying ‘I’m not gonna put your music back on until you come up here and apologize’ but I’m never going to apologize. My position will never change. I just think me being a father for  one, with a four-year-old beautiful daughter, these are things that people  should address.

I went on there to talk about my album and the obvious stuff that most artists do [talk about] and I segwayed into something that I had just experienced, I had just went to an elementary school to speak to some kids and  surprise them because they were doing really well academically and that’s when it all went down.

You need to go have a conversation about the liquor stores that’s right by  your elementary schools, by your kids. The personalities that come with these liquor stores shouldn’t be that close to an elementary school.”

Tyrese was allegedly asked to leave the radio station during a commercial break by the station’s program director.

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TMZ spoke with station owner Tony Quartarone. He said he was not upset with Tyrese because he took a stand against liquor stores, but instead how the singer addressed his listeners.

“Tyrese was not kicked off the air for pointing out that liquor stores should not be located near schools,” Quartarone said. “I totally agree with that. But he proceeded to downgrade my audience by calling them ‘homies.”

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