Tyler Perry Is Expecting His First Child [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 24, 2014

Tyler Perry is going to be a father.

The director and playwright reportedly made the announcement during his 45th birthday party last week. According to Bossip, a source who attended the party told the website that Perry shared the news with his guests.

Perry didn’t reveal who the mother of the child is but it’s believed to be his on-again, off-again girlfriend of the last five years, Gelila Bekele. Perry posted the photo below from the party on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.04.23 PM


Bekele is a 28-year old model and activist. The news was confirmed by a friend of Bekele that posted a photo with her a month ago with the caption: ‘Love Is In The Air.’

The friend also revealed in the comments, “She is a good New friend from NYC and she is 7 months pregnant baby boy.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.02.13 AM

This appears to be happy news for Perry. Two years ago he told Steve Harvey that he wanted to be a father.

“More than anything I think that it’s fatherhood,” Perry said about the one thing he hadn’t accomplished. “I know I would be a great father. I don’t want to work this hard. I don’t want to have all of this and not leave it to my children. I also know that as hard as I’m working, doing twenty hours per day, now is not the time. Right now I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I’m enjoying the work. I’m enjoying being a bachelor, so eventually I’ll get there.”


Perry added, “Listen, I’m 43, so two more years. By 45 you know who the hell you are, right? You’ve really settled in at 45 so I think two more years.”

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