Two Charged In Trying To Extort Money From Stevie Wonder [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 12, 2012

A man who claimed to be a nephew of Stevie Wonder was arrested for trying to extort money from the singer.

Alpha Lorenzo was threatening to tell the media he had an incestuous relationship with both Stevie and his sister if he didn’t get $5 million dollars from the legendary singer. Wonder quickly told Lorenzo no. He then lowered the amount to $10,000.

Wonder contacted the police and an undercover policemen, pretending to be Stevie’s reps, met with the extortionist and asked that he sign a document stating this his incest accusations were false on May 2nd. Once Walker signed the statement, he was arrested.

Sources told TMZ that the incest allegations are false. Walker and his girlfriend have been charged with felony extortion and is currently in police custody.


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