Tupac Sex Tape Filmed In Front of Friends

Rucuss staffOctober 6, 2011

Legendary rapper Tupac was a multitasker.

Tupac has been dead 15 years but that hasn’t stopped someone from trying to sell a sex tape of him from 1991. In the five-minute video, Tupac is receiving oral sex from a woman in the living room during a house party, while he’s dancing and talking with his friends.

Tupac Sex Tape Photo

According to TMZ, the video shows Tupac walking into a room, pants down to his ankles, shirtless, head shaved,  wearing several chains. He pulls one of the women toward him.

She begins performing oral sex. As she does her thing, an unreleased song of Tupac’s is playing. He sings along and he dances, wiggling his hips.

As the woman services Tupac, who’s holding a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in another, Money B from Digital Underground walks over to him.

Tupac puts his cocktail arm around Money B and continues singing and dancing while the woman never stops doing her thing down there.

As the tape ends it appears “he’s ready to begin sexual intercourse” but we do not get to see that.

It’s unclear if there’s another 2Pac sex tape continuing the action. The person in possession of this tape is trying to release it. Two companies are engaged in a battle to buy the rights to the Tupac sex tape. One of the potential buyers is YouPorn. Owner Corey Price has offered up to $150,000 for the footage.

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