Tupac Look-Alike Steals Show At Boston Celtics Game [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 6, 2014

The Boston Celtics couldn’t muster up the offense to beat the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night.

The Warriors took the lead early and never looked back, beating the Celtics 108-88 at TD Garden Arena. It was a long night for Celtics fans so it came as no surprise when officials went searching for entertainment in the stands.

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They found a man in the stands that looked and dressed just like the late Tupac Shakur. The fan had a bandana tied across his forehead just like Tupac. So the Celtics’ in-game entertainment crew decided to have a little fun by playing California Love.

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The guy even took a few photos with Celtics fans.

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Watch footage of the Tupac look-alike below.


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