Trouble in Paradise: Is Karrine Steffans Finally Done With Lil Wayne?!

Rucuss staffDecember 6, 2013

Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans loves to expose her lovers on social media.

So it came as no surprise when she posted text messages between her and Lil Wayne this week. Although Weezy is engaged to Dhea Sodano, Steffans is upset that he is allegedly sleeping with strippers.

Steffans was so angry that she dumped Weezy via text message. She even called him a ‘loser’ in a Instagram post. Lil Wayne simply declared ‘war.’

Karrine Steffans And Lil Wayne Back Together [Details]

Superhead left the posts and screenshot of their text conversation up for a while, before she eventually deleted it. Check it out below.




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Weezy has declared ‘war’ against Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans. Know why? This heaux didn’t just dump dude via text-message, she blasted the [since-deleted] posts on social media.

According to Superhead, the split comes after a five-year relationship with the YMCMB rapper — who she called “a loser.”

Superhead did almost all of the texting … with Weezy’s alleged response being simple: “War.”

This news comes about nine-months after Superhead — a woman whose legacy will remain serving up celebs with fellatio — blasted pics of her and Weezy, announcing they were back together.

Now, she says she’s on to the next…


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