Trouble in Paradise: Carmelo and LaLa Anthony Headed for Divorce?

Rucuss staffJanuary 8, 2013

Rumors have been floating around for weeks that New York Knicks guard Carmelo Anthony and reality star LaLa Anthony’s marriage was on the rocks.

Many discounted the rumors as simple talk because the couple are seen together in public. But blogger Sandra Rose claims the couple is headed to divorce court. Rose alleges the couple split last year but attend events together to keep up appearances. She also claims LaLa likes women.

Sandra Rose reports:

Friends say La La has been living the life of a single woman after separating from Anthony last year. Insiders say La La is keeping herself busy by focusing all of her attention on her son, Kiyan, and filming the 3rd season of her reality TV show, La La’s Full Court Life, which premieres in February.

La La recently returned to her old stomping grounds in Atlanta, and tongues were wagging about a certain chick in La La’s entourage who she couldn’t take her eyes off.

Then La La jetted off to Miami, where she rang in the New Year at a luxury South Beach hotel without Melo, who partied in New York with friends. Insiders say La La and Melo are still courteous to each other, for the sake of their son. And they still go out in public together to keep up appearances. But La La has reportedly moved on — with Melo’s blessing!

This may explain Melo’s behavior at Monday’s Knicks-Boston Celtics game. Anthony and Celtics star Kevin Garnett got into a shouting match during the fourth quarter. Garnett allegedly told Melo that LaLa taste like Honey Nut Cheerios. It sent Melo over the edge.

Carmelo Anthony Waits For Kevin Garnett After Game Following Argument [Video]

Anthony was seen waiting for Garnett by the Celtics’ team bus after the Knicks lost to Boston 102-96. He tried to wait for Garnett by the locker room. NYPD officers, MSG security, and Knicks coach Mike Woodson were all around to make sure nothing happened.


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