Trey Songz Comes Clean About Relationship With Lauren London, Talks About Ne-Yo’s Recent Comments & Ex’s Engagement [Video]

Rucuss staffAugust 11, 2012

Trey Songz stopped by San Francisco’s 106 KMEL radio station and dished details about everything going on in his life.

Songz sat down with KMEL‘s Sana G and Miss Kimmie and he got really personal about his love life. He revealed that he’s had threesomes and his favorite sexual positions. Trey discusses his ex-girlfriend Helen Gedlu engagement to Sacramento Kings player Terrence Williams and reveals that he’s had sex with actress Lauren London. He’s also not happy with NeYo’s recent comments on the Breakfast Club.

Check out highlights from interview below:

On his favorite sex position:

I’m a pleaser…so it’s the  position that makes you most happy, the woman that I‘m with. If it’s your  favorite [position] then it’s my favorite. I want it to be what you want it to  be…My favorite position depends on who I’m with. If you got a lot of ass I wanna  be behind it… Or if you’re small I might wanna pick you up…It varies…If we just  woke up, I might want it from the side. On how “blessed“ his  package is: I think its better that ya’ll don’t know. When you find  out, you’ll find out.

On Ne-yo’s recent comments on The Breakfast Club about Trey not  reaching his full potential yet:

I’ma talk to Ne-yo when I see him. It ain’t even that. The thing is that Ne-yo knows me. Ain’t no need to have that  conversation for the world to hear, you  know. And I feel like that’s a sucker move.

On whether or not Ne-yo told him how he felt personally:

No he has not. It’s all good though. I’m a real nigga. They gon’ take shots.

On whether or not he has had sex with multiple women at the same time:

Three. No more than three. I gotta be attentive. When you put  yourself in a situation like that, you gotta make sure everybody feel special. You put too many people in that situation and you gon’ lose out.

On his ex Helen’s recent engagement to an NBA player:

I’m happy for her. We ain’t been together in three years.

On whether or not he has spoken to Helen lately:

I have. She hit me up and let me know before it came out and I told her I was happy for  her. She said, “I’m engaged.” I said “Wow, congratulations.”

On he and Helen’s relationship now and if he’s still ‘hitting’ that:

I ain’t been hittin’ that in a long time. We cool. I have a lot of  love for her, a lot of love for her family. And if she’s happy with a man that  can do for her what I couldn’t then that’s what she deserves.

On his rumored relationship with Lauren London:

Lauren  London is a very important person to me. I love her to death. Is she my woman?  No. We are great friends and we have been lovers before. And I’m saying this  on this camera right now, I’m tired of people asking me about that sh-t.

Watch the videos below.

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