Toya Wright Responds to $1 Million Lawsuit By Publisher [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 14, 2012

Toya Wright has been accused of not promoting her book, Priceless Inspirations, properly.

Despite Wright’s book being placed on the New York Bestseller’s list, Farrah Gray Publishing is suing the former reality star for $1 million dollars for breach of contract. According to the lawsuit, Wright failed to promote the book according to the contract and she ‘purposefully and maliciously’ went behind the company’s back to sell her book through “unauthorized venues” which has  caused a huge loss in profits.

The owner of Farrah Gray, who is responsible for printing and distributing her book, has terminated their agreement. The owner claims since Wright didn’t negotiate the termination clause in the contract Farrah Gray owns the rights to the book. Wright is forced to find another publisher for her follow-up book.

Wright went on Twitter to deny the allegations. She claims Farrah Gray owes her money. She tweeted:

The things people do for Attention. SMH

Please beware of who u do business  with….not everybody is happy for your success. #thedevilisaliar

you must really be BROKE….. u trying to sue me for 1 million dollars. for whAt??? give me 1 good  reason.

how are you gonna sue me when you owe me money?????#wheretheydothatat

let me remind you Farrah Grey……are you forgetting that “Priceless  Inspirations” was your 1st and only NY times bestseller.‪#imjustsayin‬

Another lawsuit from Farrah Grey….. It can’t be the authors. U need to take a look at yourself. #Getittogether

im so sorry tweethearts….but i refuse to let anyone lie on me. i did all i  can do to sell my book and promote it. so all of this is BS!

Toya’s rep released a statement about the lawsuit.

“Mrs. Wright consistently went above and beyond her contractual obligations  which included: Self- funding a college tour promoting Priceless Inspirations,  Cross promotion of her Ampro endorsement  by placing the book cover on Ampro products nationwide and allowing Farrah Gray  Publishing the platform to promote her book on her highly successful reality  show on Black Entertainment Television.”

Wright’s book is not her only means of income. She recently opened a salon, owns Garb boutique, and just signed a deal with Walmart for a fashion line.


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