Toronto Raptors Give Away Drake Lint Rollers To Fans [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 1, 2014

The Toronto Raptors took advantage of an internet meme and turned it into a giveaway for their fans during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

After Drake was caught using a lint roller courtside during Game 2 against the Brooklyn Nets, the organization decided to make their own. The Raptors got the idea of a Drake-inspired lint roller from fans who suggested it as a giveaway on social media.

Drake Uses Lint Roller While Sitting Courtside At Raptors Game [Video]


The Raptors distributed vouchers to 1,200 fans sitting in exclusive/courtside seats to pick up Drake/OVO branded lint rollers after the game.

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If you missed Drake using a lint roller during a game, watch footage below.


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