Toronto Rapper Mo-G Blasts Drake And OVO For Not Crediting Ghostwriters

Rucuss staffMarch 21, 2016

Toronto rapper Mo-G has some harsh words for Drake and OVO.

Mo-G, a former protege of Drake and a current member of the Halal Gang, claims the ‘6 God’ and the OVO gang use ghostwriters and do not credit the originators of their style. He even called them a bunch of “b**ch a** ni**as” in a newly-released video.

“Are y’all tellin’ me that Drake is the Milli Vanilli of rap in the mother f*cker?!” Mo-G said. “There’s a big thing, ‘oh he doesn’t use ghostwriters, he credits them all…’ who gives a f*ck? Who gives a f*ck, we heard another n*gga singin’ the rhymes that you eventually recorded.”

Mo-G also claimed in the video that Oliver El-Khatib, Drake’s manager, “stirred the pot” of drama between him and Drake’s camp.

According to XXL, Mo-G is the person who invented the ‘Ginobli’ dance, which Drake has been reppin’ since last year. Drake was seen imitating it in his ‘Energy’ video.

Check out his rant video below.


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