Tony Parker Signs With France Team

Jacque AllenOctober 6, 2011

Looking back at last year’s NBA season, who would have ever thought the season would be in the middle of a lockout? No one of course.
Maybe if some of the NBA players had some kind of clue or hint than they would have spent their money wisely. Now players are scrambling in an effort to find jobs and sign contracts overseas.
After Tuesday’s bargaining session went sour, San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker wasted little time in finding his next gig. Parker , the 2007 MVP, signed a contract with ASVEL Villeurbanne for the duration of the work stoppage for a bargain price of $1995 a month. He must also pay out of his pocket for his insurance too.
Now in Parker’s defense he owns a stake in ASVEL. He currently holds the title of Vice President of Basketball Operations for the club so that’s why his salary is so low. This was not a decision that he rushed to. It’s reported that Parker had been thinking about this for months.
Parker told sports daily “L’Equipe” that his choice to play in France is very logical. After all, he is the vice president of the club and he wants to help them advance. Parker even stated that he would play for free, and if he were able to play for the whole season, he’d go for the title.
Parker packed his bags for 3 months just incase the lockout continues through the regular season.
“I always said that after my career I wanted to be the president of a club and manage a club,”
Parker said on Thursday from a Paris Hotel. “With Gilles, I have the perfect president to learn from. He can train me so that I am ready in 10 years when I retire. I’m learning marketing, how to speak to sponsors, how to push projects forward and all that. I want to learn.”
So is Parker saying that he’s pretty much expecting his career to be over soon? Better safe than sorry. The NBA has already cancelled its entire pre-season and the first two weeks of the regular season. If the owners and players don’t come to a labor agreement on Monday the entire season could possibly be canceled.
“No one knows what’s going to happen with the lockout,” Parker said. “Honestly, I have no idea. For the moment, I’m here (France) and when it (the NBA) starts again, I will go back to San Antonio. The rumours about the NBA say that we’ll start again in January, so I packed for three months, just in case.”
Lets all pray that Parker doesn’t get hurt while playing for the salary he’ll be paid. 
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