Toni Braxton’s Assistant Clowns Tamar Braxton On Social Media

Rucuss staffJuly 14, 2014

Toni Braxton’s assistant is not feeling Tamar Braxton.

After Tamar tried to cal hi out because of a tweet he posted, the Grammy award winner’s assistant fired back with plenty of insults at Tamar. It all began after Tamar tweeted,”I don’t know if I should comment on IG,  my stalker might get on board.”

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Later, Toni’s assistant who goes by the name of ‘mrldavis’ posted a few negative tweets. Check out his rant below.


Davis quickly responded:

ppU45wcDavis also tweeted:

You say your unbothered but talking about me throughout social media…my next response won’t be so “respectful”. So like I said…pick and choose your battles noece…never forget 😉 @tamarbraxtonher

iamz0Oh and since the post is about the show…shall we comment? On that lip synced non singing and dancing show of yours? got a soul train award acting like this I could only imagine if you got a BET award. Don’t tell us what you got nominated for tell us what you won Nephew. @tamarbraxtonher
iamz0Oh and again you have my number Mr. ESTINE

After his rant he posted the video below.

Photos via Instagram and Twitter


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