Tom Brady Takes Crazy Cliff Dive, Plays Pick Up Game With Michael Jordan

Rucuss staffMarch 30, 2015

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady caused a fury amongst his fans because of a terrifying jump he took over the weekend.

Brady decided to be a dare-devil while on vacation with his family in Costa Rica. The three-time Super Bowl MVP put on a show for his wife, Gisele Bundchen, his three children and friends by jumping off what appeared to be at least a 40-foot cliff.

Don’t worry, Brady didn’t bash his head against the rock on the way down. He actually made the jump appear easy. And it made sure he got video for his fans.

The slow motion obviously made the leap look more dramatic. But we’re guessing Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick would prefer that Brady stick to letting his kids bury him in the sand on the beach.


Brady appears to be all over the place during the off-season. A vacationer recorded of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady playing pick-up basketball at a private resort community.

In the video, Brady is wearing khakis and a black hat while Jordan wears a white sleeveless shirt with blue shorts. After the basketball game, Brady and Jordan played some golf.


Watch Brady’s cliff dive below.

Watch footage of Brady and Jordan’s pick up game below.


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