Tiny Addresses T.I.’s Love Child Rumors & Instagram Antics [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 3, 2014

T.I. and Tiny are reportedly going through a rough patch in their marriage, and its played out in the public eye.

From a rift during Grammy weekend to a rumored love child, the Family Hustle stars have had some hard days. It appears T.I. and Tiny are living separate lives, but Tip’s wife is setting the record straight about a few things.

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Tiny talks about the rumored love child, her Instagram antics and more with during an interview with Hello Beautiful. Check out a few excerpts below.

On how she felt about T.I. telling her to stop posting ‘butt’ shots on Instagram:  “For one, I was actually showing my side. I had my shirt up and I said something about my waist. I wasn’t showing my backside. It’s clear in my pictures when I am showing my backside, but this one in particular was not and the picture was taken from the side. Clearly, it was about my waist. I was trying to think, like, ‘Why did you say that?” But, it’s cool, we talked about it on the phone. I just didn’t understand why he had to say that there. […] Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship, you get in to your emotions and you can’t. We would like to be able to control it, but sometimes…it’s what happens and being in love and being in media all the time.” On divorce rumors: “I’ve been in the business long enough to know that this happens. It’s been a lot of different things that have been said about me and him and I know it isn’t true. So, I just let it fall to the waist side. If it don’t apply, I have to let it fly and that’s where I’m at with it.” On if
T.I. fathered a child outside the marriage:  “I haven’t seen anyone come forth and say that it’s his child. So, it definitely don’t apply!”
On if her daughter gets embarrassed over her parents snapping back at haters on Instagram: “Mainly, it’s not about me, but if I put something about her, she’s like, “Mom!” If some comments are about me, I say something. I’m just one of those people. If you were in my face and said something I didn’t like, I would do that then. As far as when it goes to my kids, I don’t play. No disrespect. I don’t tolerate that with my kids. My daughter is one of those carefree, no worry in the world, that’s real calm, mild-mannered. She’s kind of like, “Who cares?” and I’m like, “No, they’re not saying that about my baby.” She does get embarrassed.” Read the entire interview at Hello Beautiful

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